2023: Cordell (AE’s Law of the South) x Fiddle (Clarjos Twisted Golden Fiddle RL)

It is time for the Dr Seuss Litter!

This is a repeat of the 2021 litter that produced Mazikeen. They were born May 10-11, 2023, and there are 6 boys and 2 girls.

It is no secret that I love my Fiddle, and Cordell was initially chosen as a stud dog because of his really nice glowing temperament. Both dogs have good toplines in motion, solid, and mostly balanced movement. Fiddle has a bit better reach and drive, and I like her head a smidgen more. Cordell has a better rear, which is Fiddles weakest element.

The previous litter had the best of both worlds, and this litter looks to be repeating.

This litter is starting to develop fun personalities. They are starting to pee and poop, toddle, and talk.

Lorax, Red Male 1
Sam-I-Am, Blue Boy #2
Sylvester McMonkey McBean, Blue Male #3
Zizzer Zazzer Zuzz, Blue Male #4
Blue Fish, Blue Male #5
Vipper of Vip, Red Female #6
Yertle, Red Female #7
Knox, Blue Male #8