Kuper (TNT High Noon Hero) x Fiddle (Clarjos Twisted Golden Fiddle RL)

At my very first herding trial, there was a pair of stunning Australian Cattle Dogs handled by a really strong herding trainer. My eye was caught by the red one, whose name happened to be Kubin. Fast forward over three years, and I show up at my very first dog show in Atlanta, GA, and I see this really stunning speckled dog with stunning movement, and great conformation as a class dog. And from there, I fell in love with the dog that happened to be Kubins son (Kuper). Since then, I got to know and watch Kuper as a herding dog through various clinics and trials, working many different kinds of livestock.

He was a good boy, and like Fiddle, was the very first real herding dog for his handler too, and he was always willing to push on through many lessons, because learning to herd when your handler is also learning to herd is VERY hard! He also liked working the heads!

Group shot at a day or so old, the Avatar Litter

This litter really impressed me. As a very loose linebreeding (almost total outcross), I was thrilled with the temperaments. The litter was all fairly independent and easy going, not bothered by a lot of things. Structurally, most of them had a great forechest and angulation (as a whole). I specifically chose my keeper (Azula/Chunky) because Clark liked her best!