CH AE’s Doubletime Ukulele Throwdown at Clarjos HSAs

Born on May 28, 2018, Uke joined the Clarjo Farm family in late July 2018. She is a dog that has a full joy of life, and is so happy about everything. She is out of Heartland’s Blue Apache Boy, and AE’s Playing the Odds.

Pedigree Here

She is currently training in Obedience, Rally, and Agility, and her herding training will commence in earnest once the handler learns what in the world she is doing!

The goofy girl loves pretty much everything about life

Health Testing Results

CHIC: 161322
Hips: Good ACD-3977G26F-VPI
pennhip: RDI=.46, LDI=.38
Elbows: Degenerative Joint Disease, Unilateral Right
BAER: Normal ACD-BR2382/1F-PI
PRCD: Normal ACD-PRA3362/37F-PI
PLL: Normal/Clear ACD-PLL984/37F-PI
RCD4: Clear/Normal ACD-P4-623/37F-PI
Eyes: Normal ACD-EYE456/37F-VPI

Show Results: Open Bitch

Skyline Kennel Club, Inc.: Saturday 06/11/22 In Fishersville, VA – Winners Bitch, 4 pt major