Clarjos Twisted Golden Fiddle RL

Her first experience on cattle in September 2019

Born on June 12, 2016, Fiddle was my very first non-rescue ACD. Purchased in August 2016 from Roberts Longhorns, in Priddy TX, she is out of Spader Kewl Twisten Dottie RL and Kuawarri Jim.

Pedigree Here

  • Fiddleatellens

She was one of the easiest puppies that I have ever raised, shows quite a bit of drive, and good biddability and forgiveness toward a fairly green handler. She has worked sheep, goats, and cows with multiple different handlers.

Driving a large flock of sheep in October 2019

Health Testing Results

CHIC: 161321
pennhip: RDI=.36, LDI=N/A
Elbows: Elbow: Normal ACD-EL1911F42-NOPI
BAER: Normal ACD-BR2682/50F-PI
PRCD: Normal ACD-PRA3361/38F-PI
PLL: Normal/Clear ACD-PLL983/38F-PI
RCD4: Clear/Normal ACD-P4-622/60F-PI
Eyes: Normal ACD-EYE455/61F-VPI

*** Not Full Dentition***