CH Clarjos Twisted Golden Fiddle RL HSAc

Born on June 12, 2016, Fiddle was my very first non-rescue ACD. Purchased in August 2016 from Roberts Longhorns, in Priddy TX, she is out of Spader Kewl Twisten Dottie RL and Kuawarri Jim.

Pedigree Here

She was one of the easiest puppies that I have ever raised, shows quite a bit of drive, and good biddability and forgiveness toward a fairly green handler. She has worked sheep, goats, and cows with multiple different handlers.

Driving a large flock of sheep in October 2019

Health Testing Results

CHIC: 161321
pennhip: RDI=.36, LDI=N/A
Elbows: Elbow: Normal ACD-EL1911F42-NOPI
BAER: Normal ACD-BR2682/50F-PI
PRCD: Normal ACD-PRA3361/38F-PI
PLL: Normal/Clear ACD-PLL983/38F-PI
RCD4: Clear/Normal ACD-P4-622/60F-PI
Eyes: Normal ACD-EYE455/61F-VPI

*** Not Full Dentition***

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