Road Trip Post #3: Fiddle’s AHBA – HTAD Level 1

Following our High in Trial and finishing the HTAD 1 Cattle Title, we travelled to Illinois (Agility at the Farm) for a second AHBA Trial.

It… was less than Successful in a lot of elements. Because we had to push on the cattle so hard, she didn’t really scale her body posture down to work lighter sheep. The poor sheep were on the other side of the arena, and we had to work *really* hard to drive them around the arena. We barely missed qualifying the first day, and the second day, we managed a much better run, and a 4th place finish out of 8 Level 1 dogs. This finished her HTAD – Level 1 – Sheep Title.

Shes a very happy little monkey, and I couldn’t be so proud

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