New Years Herding Trial

Well, we ventured out to the AKC herding trial over New Years, Ukulele was making her sheep debut, and Fiddle and Mazikeen were trying to finish up their started Cattle Titles

Fiddle Finished Saturday, with a respectable score in the 80s. Our first shots at intermediate were actually pretty nice too. Got a lot of work to do!

Clarjos Twisted Golden Fiddle RL HSAc

Mazikeen managed to get her second cattle leg, but couldn’t impress Debbie Johnson to finish her title.

Ukulele did a very solid job covering some slightly wild sheep, finishing with a pair of 5th place finishes in a packed field, and a final qualifying leg with a 6th place finish.

AEs Doubletime Ukulele Throwdown at Clarjos HSAs

Can’t wait to get back to work in the new year!

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