Larry Painter Clinic – Ukulele

Ukulele had the distinct disadvantage of working right before dusk, so the quality of the photography was very low. She is very much like Chunky, has a very good gather on default, and prefers to work a bit more on a distance. In this particular working session, we were working on sending her between the stock and the fence, and keeping them in the center of the arena. It was a much easier task for her than it was for Mazikeen. Lol.

Right now, she is giving well to pressure, but we need to get her stop working, so we can get her to stop overflanking. Now, compared to all of the other cattle dogs that I have worked, this is a totally different issue, and finally one that is a bit easier to fix!

She didn’t have very many working sessions, as I was making sure that Chunky had a really solid working foundation on cattle. Still, I am proud of her for stepping up!

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