Mazikeen: Driving Lessons

So, at the Larry Clinic, we really hit the fundamentals hard on cattle. We have been working a lot of precision, fundamentals, and going around stock without biting them unless necessary. Also, stopping wherever I tell her to.

So we headed out to Hog Dog in Maryland to work driving and stopping where I told her to. Fiddle was such a natural and moving stock away (gathering was so hard for her), that helping miss Mazie understand that stock need to go away is hard. She keeps looking back at me like I have two heads…

But, she is starting to understand that I will stop her off balance, and the sheep will continue to go away from me, up the fence line. So, we gather the stock, and then she has to continue to push them past me, in a line.

We still need to work on inside flanks being bigger, and better gathering, but I am extremely proud of her starting to understand to hold the pressure off balance until we are ready to gather them again.

And of course, we need to continue working on an outrun.

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