Herding with Erin: Road Trip Leg 4 – Mazikeen

Right now, Mazikeen and I have been working on learning how to drive. We have had some setbacks when it comes to understanding how to move and gather cattle.

Mazie is really struggling with adrenaline control on cattle right now. On all other stock, she is doing much better as emotional regulation. With cattle, she still tends to want to push super hard, and go around the back and cheap shot on the way around back.

Now, there could be some reasons behind this, including insecurity in holding pressure with confidence, lack of maturity and impulse control, or, the sheer enjoyment of being a jerk.

Working with Erin in Texas really taught me that I need to go back to some fundamentals and line work, getting her to hold the pocket and give to pressure on the top end once cows start moving.

And yeah, it kinda sucks to move one step forward and two steps back, but I probably jumped into more advanced stuff before we were actually ready…

A mistake I shouldn’t repeat….

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