Mazikeen – Cathy Hartley – Dayton TN – Road Trip Leg 1

Well, with Mazie, we are still working on impuse control and walking up. We are geting a much more thoughtful, deliberate driving, but she often will lean with her shoulder to try and get around to the butts to bring them back on a gather. She is also very “sticky” in giving her stock up and coming back to me, which is necessary when we are setting up the triangle for the inside flanks.

She also will need to understand WHEN I send her around on the gather, she needs to kick out wider. A lot of these issues, i think, are due to me not being clear what I am asking, and my not actually enforcing her outs. I can see a change in her body language when I get into sight as…. “Target acquired”, rather than her holding and finding that line.

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