Day 1- 100 Days of Dog Training

I participated in a clinic at Bear Run Farm with Cathy Hartley on November 2-3. Today (November 2)’s participants are Fiddle and Ukulele. Uke kicked off the day in the round pen. Showing some pretty good instinct and work ethic.  Then, on her second run of the day, we put her into a mixed flock of sheep and goats. Some of her flanks were pretty intense, and when Cathy had her back off, she decided that working was overrated, and did some pouting (my lovely rules aren’t fun dog). I joined her and she decided to get back to work with some wearing and driving.

Fiddle did some great work on cattle in the alley pen, and we moved into the arena on goats in preparation for the trial later this month. It… went… pretty terrible on my end. I had never worked with stock that wasn’t course broke to some extent. And lets just say I was so flustered, I couldn’t help my poor Fiddle whatsoever.  It literally felt like goats were scattering in all directions on my end… This dog and I are pretty comfortable on the drive, and in alley and close up. She is tough as nails, and I love her.


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