Day 2 – 100 Days of Dog Training – Cathy Hartley Clinic Day 2

yes, I am behind about documenting progress and pictures of my dog… it just happens to be this way sometimes. Work is busy, and living off grid, without electricity the priorities just drop. I have notes that I wrote, so it is merely about updating them.

Today, I just worked Fiddle. She had her first exposure to Geese with Cathy and I. I was very pleased with her response and flanking. We then went to the alley/arena area. We did a pretty great job with the cattle in the alley (good flanking and driving), but everything kind of fell apart once we went to the arena again. I just looked like a fish out of water. She defaulted into driving a lot, and lost all confidence in flanking. This was ok with me, as I didn’t do anything as a handler to support her. So… there is that.

So, we went all the way back to basic fundamentals. I took her back into the round pen, and worked almost totally silent. Just body language for flanks. Sometimes, hitting the fundamentals again can really build something wonderful. I was over the moon pleased with how this turned out.

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