Day 3 – 100 Days of Dog Training

November 7, 2019

Worked Fiddle today

Today, we tried an arena run again. It went much better than the clinic sessions… However, I decided we weren’t quite ready for the trial at the end of the month, and I dropped my arena runs in favor of the AHBA JHD in goats.



This isn’t me admitting defeat, or that my bitch cannot do it… with the right handler, she CAN. However, this handler is not me right now. It is a part of our journey where she starts to push, and challenge me. Having someone else handle her would kind of defeat the purpose of me being a better trainer.  As a pretty novice handler, it is very apparent to my dog that my body signals are inconsistent, my timing is off, and my correction is… slow. My pressures misapplied.

Confusion is normal with any dog. As are learning plateaus and challenges. It is part of the adventure.

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