Day 10 – 100 Days of Dog Training – Distance Foundations

January 17th

Today’s Participants: Fiddle and Uke

It’s been a process for the poor little Blue Booper. She’s a dog that is a lot of fun to operate…. and she hasn’t been worked in an eternity.


Our obedience trainer, Donna, was ready for the nervous ball of energy!

Uke did some distance work, driving to the platforms, a front cross and rear cross, a full height teeter, and some driving over jumps and recalls. Overall, I was pretty proud of her. I am hoping that she can maintain the focus of us as a team. She has so much athletic potential that I really need to work on harnessing. She lives her life by her own drum, and sometimes, I am not near fun enough. 😀

Fiddle did a beginner novice course. She was very much on point! We are working on leaving the sit position at the beginning of the heeling exercise. It was a ton of work on footwork and body posture for me, to help with the U-turns, and the figure 8. Of course, my little genius Owange Dog NAILED the figure 8. We are ready to  compete now, in both Rally and Beginner Novice, and it is just up to me to proof all of the skills in multiple locations.

Good Red Dog.

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