Day 11 – 100 Days of Dog Training – A… Not So Great Day

January 23, 2019

Today’s Participants: Fiddle and Uke


Sometimes, things don’t quite go as planned… I love my little blue dog… but sometimes, she is SO CONVINCED she is right, that she forgets to listen!

Hahaha…. Gotta love my little toddler.

Anyways, we set four of these platforms in each corner of the room. At first, we wanted to get her to send away to the platform. This worked pretty well. Well, then, we decided to get her to sit on the platform. Well, she was SO intent on driving to platforms, that I had to manually get her into the sit position. Now, I had to do this for what felt like an HOUR! I am told, by Donna, that it was less than 20 minutes… but when things just aren’t going smoothly, it feels like it takes an eternity.

Fiddle was better, and managed to get the task much faster. It was still rocky, as my body language was off. She didn’t quite understand that we drive over the jump, as she kept pulling off to me. I don’t blame her at all, she just wasn’t understanding everything. However, we were able to get her to do it (in under 20 minutes *phew*), and then we were able to finish off on some heeling exercises.

Good Owange.

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