Herding Lesson with Claire Apple – Road Trip Leg 2

One of the people i miss the most since leaving North Carolina is Claire Apple, who knows how to read and train canine body language more than anyone else, So, after the judging seminar wrapped, I headed out to Pittsboro, NC to see some friends.

Uke and I were kind of having a bit of a rough spell, and I wanted to make sure it was… well, her deficient handler. So, I decided to let Claire try her out on Turkeys for the first time. She did an absolutely magnificent job! (it turns out is IS ME). Jerk dog. 😉

We worked gathering at a distance, and sense of group and keeping the flock together.

With Mazikeen, we laid some of the foundations for driving sheep in the arena, and tried her out on poultry for the first time. There were no dead ducks! Not really even some rustled feathers. Good sense of balance and group, and a very controlled push. Sadly, the rain really hampered picture taking.

I have to allow my girls control, and trust them, but also make sure their adrenaline is under control. We need to keep practicing on poultry for the trial coming up in June.

Sadly, we ran out of light, and Azula didn’t get a turn

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