Herding Lessons with Tim Allison – Road Trip Leg 3

Now, we are on the way to work Agility Nationals in Tulsa, OK. And I decided to stop at Tim Allisons House (in Dayton, TN) for another set of lessons.

Miss Chunky has not been on sheep in a VERY long time, and I think that she nearly knocked me out with her intensity and speed. We had to remind the little nugget to actually THINK and STOP. Tim had to help.

She had a really nice sense of group to her, but she just wanted to go fast to the heads. LOL

Ukulele has really no option but to work with me, so we did a lot of practice in the round pen with gathering, stopping, and just overall going where I wanted her to be.

Mazikeen, we did some work and gathering exercises in the round pen, before we worked gathering in the larger field, followed by some driving lessons. Like what we did with Claire, we made Mazie bring stock from one person, to another. She is very balance oriented, and trying to help her understand that there can be many points of balance were the overall goal.

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