Road Trip Leg 7 – Rick Hardin – Mazikeen

Well… sometimes, you wait an entire year for a clinician that you love to return…


So, these cattle were very different from what Mazie is accustomed to. As roping cattle, they really were not afraid to lower their heads and challenge a dog, and she got sucked right into their games.

She’s usually a very quiet worker, but these guys really pushed her and exploited her buttons. This caused her to lose some of her cool, and act a lot in adrenaline. She was much more barky and pushy than normal.

We had to really work calm, controlled presence in front of and behind cows, and not allow her to rush in and bite the heel or run from the head pressure repeatedly.

I really wish I had more time on this group to refine her power and presence more!

They were EXACTLY the cows we needed to exploit our weakness.

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