Road Trip Leg 7 – Rick Hardin – Ukulele

Oddly, Uke had no issues with these cows. Everyone else had heads lowered, and were being challenging jerks to the dogs, but they didn’t really do that with this little blue monster!

She’s less confrontational than most, and chose to remove the pressure from the stock with her posture rather than starting a fight. She didn’t give an inch of ground to them, and was “fake submitting” to let them know it was ok to move away, but didn’t do anything to make them challenge her…

They were more than happy to move right off of her. When they stalled, she applied a heel bite, but that was all that was necessary. Overall, very happy.

We worked several exercises in foundations, holding the pressure in the pocket along the fence, and moving them along. Flanking to switch directions and hold pressure at the head. And at the very end of our sessions, we had a few small gathers sending her between the stock and the fence.

Another head scratcher, I am going to have to re-evaluate some things.

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