Day 5 – 100 Days of Dog Training – Obedience: Trying to Find a Voice


Todays Victims: Ukulele and Fiddle


First things first… Today was a difficult day as a trainer for me. I am trying to work and meld all of the different skills and schools of thought that I have been learning across multiple venues, from multiple instructors and people I respect, to try and find my own voice. A majority of what I have been working on is with  Fiddle and herding. So, naturally, her and I were clicking on all cylinders.

We worked on the Beginner Novice heel patterns, halts, fast, slow, etc. and the things to do Rally Novice. Aside from some forging, and some missteps from me forgetting to do an about turn… (legit, who does that?) , we were looking pretty good as a team. I still need to do some work with stand stay too.

The major snag came with Uke.  I haven’t been training her nearly as much, and it just felt like it was an eternal struggle from a dog that didn’t care? This is a bad description, but I seriously couldn’t get her to stay, or even sit half the time. She was super food obsessed. Sometimes, working with her is an absolute DREAM, and other times, I want to quit and be frustrated. I am, of course, being hyperbolic.

It made my realize that my relationship with her wasn’t as strong as I thought it was. JUST with HER. We do so much group work, that I need to get more time with her, and her alone.

I need to go back to the drawing board. Because she has shown me that she is more than worth it, and I hope that it was just an off day between the two of us. (I am sure it will be.)

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