Fiddle’s First Herding Title


So, I had previously mentioned that I was training for a herding trial at the Bear Run Farm (which took place from the 22-24 of November). I was originally entered in the Arena runs with cattle and goats, but if you have read any of my previous herding posts, our practice runs were kind of a disaster! I love my little red beast… but I, as a handler, wasn’t good enough to put my dog in the correct place and support her movements. I want my runs to be, for lack of better words… nearly perfect before we compete and move up.

So, I entered the test level course, knowing with our skills, it should be a breeze. And it was! We finished both of our goat runs in under 1:15, and she looked pretty good. Not quite the distance I want off the stock, and for the second run, her adrenaline was up so high that her stopping was questionable… but I am very proud. And with our two qualifying runs, I now have a herding title.

Clarjo’s Twisted Golden Fiddle RL, JHDg


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