Day 6 – 100 Days of Dog Training – Distance Foundations


Today’s Lessons went to Fiddle and Uke

After last weeks obedience disaster, I decided to reboot. One of the issues that my dogs happen to have in herding is that they “break contact” with the stock to look back at me. Part of this has to do with uncertainty toward the task at hand, and the other part happens to deal with the fact that I haven’t done enough to “unleash the velcro dog” in obedience work. So, we need to teach some independent problem solving. These types of skills can translate into agility foundations, and herding basics as well. So, with the help of our obedience instructor at Redstone Smarty Paws, and these really awesome Cato Boards and a Manners Minder, we were able to start working some control, and driving away from me without looking back.


So, with both Uke and Fiddle, we sent them between the two boards, with the goal being to stay on the board and wait to be sent, and then not look back at me. The remote reward system was helpful, so if they didn’t stay, or missed the board, the reward was removed.


Uke was a natural. She loves solving puzzles and anticipating things, so being sent back and forth to try and trigger the reward… she was also keen to drive over a jump, and then two to the target by the end of her turn. She always has been a goofball who loves taking the shortest path to the reward. I am not surprised she excelled.

Fiddles uptake was fine, but a bit slower. She has always been a dog that needs to quietly and slowly sort new tasks out. It was a great session with both dogs, and a great refresher for what I am trying to accomplish. We will continue pushing toward targets and doing some more remote stuff.

Also, Uke and her impulse control…. Because always…

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